Thursday, September 12, 2013

Malaccan Partied KL Style

I have my 21st. birthday and Taiwan trip to blog on, but I simply can't find the time to do so. HAHAHA.. Very sorry la.. I will write about it soon after my final exam. *pinky promise* For now, let's bercerita about last weekend.

One of my aunty from Australia came back for a short while before they leave for UK to attend a cousin's wedding. So, they planned to have a brunch gathering on Sunday. The younger people wanted to go clubbing the night before. It was a tough decision because I really wanted to visit a club in KL but the family didn't want to because well, exam is around the corner. I am an exception, who wanted to go to a club when exam is two weeks away. HAHAHAHA! Anyway, transportation was a problem.

Thank God for great boyfriend who has NGV car (we only spent a total of RM50 for fuel and toll) and was willing to fetch me there. Actually, I think he wanted to go more than me!! We finalised our decision and didn't bother what came in our way. Bear wanted to attend church service first before leaving, so we embarked on our journey at about 9.30pm. We had Waze switched on and we were on our way. Actually, we arrived earlier one la, but we got lost in Zon U parking lot.. HAHAHA! We got excuse ok, kami orang Melaka ma..

 The cuzzies asked me how I felt about the place and I told him the one in Melaka is better. Well, Melaka only has ONE club, Mixx. I went there last year I think, with another KL cuzzie who brought along her friends to club. She booked a VIP table and it was super spacious with cushioned seats. The table in Vertigo was pathetic! So small I think it could only accommodate one person! Bear said the PA system don't sound good either. Anyway, the condition of the club doesn't matter as long as there is a group of awesome people around.

The cuzzies was awesome to the max! They can really drink and dance and party! It was so much fun! I was forced to have liquor, straight from the bottle for one second. That was my longest second in my whole life. The liquor burned my tongue and it was so hot! I had to have so many ice cubes to cool it down. I didn't get very high this round but I still had fun.

Taken by cuzzie

The only photo I took

We partied until the club closed at 3am. HAHAHA.. At 3 sharp, all lights were switched on!! Like seriously! I was being very naive to think that clubs open until like sunrise! The cuzzies then decided to go for a mamak session and we went home at about 4.30am!

We were suppose to be at my uncle's house at 11.30am for brunch but we really could not wake up! We left the house at about 12pm. HAHAHA! It was a nice gathering with the rest of the family and laughing at our clubbing photos.

That was pretty much the whole of my weekend. :) Not looking forward to the coming weekend which I gotta study for exams.. 

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