Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bear's 22nd Birthday

Yup, Bear turned 22 this year. I first knew him when he was only 18 years old!! Time really flies as fast as lightning. As always, his birthday and my exam weeks are best friends. They usually come hand-in-hand. Thankfully, this time my papers are not on his birthday itself. However, I had paper on the 7th which was 2 days before the day so I don't really have time to plan. Weeks before, I did have many plans for his birthday running in my little brain. Ya I know, poor little brain. Dah la stress about exam, now gotta stress about boyfriend's birthday some more. But all the stress worth it when I see the happiness in him. :)

Bear don't celebrate birthdays before he knew me. So he's quite lucky to meet me la. HAHAHAHA.. Anyway, due to exam I did not have much time for preparations. On the eve of his birthday, I sneaked out to Jusco to get him a salmon cake. Both of us don't really have many commons, but we seriously are in love with salmons. I simply bought a few boxes of salmons and laid them nicely on a plate with ice underneath.  I actually planned to get a nicer plate but I did not have time so I just grabbed any plate from my home kitchen.

When the clock striked 12, I asked Bear to come into the dining room and he was quite surprised with the salmon cake and birthday song, which was obviously sung by me. He kept asking when I went out and bought them. Pretty satisfied with myself for being able to surprise him.

The next day, I dated him out for lunch in the new Japanese restaurant, Ichi Zen. We brought the sista along so that she could help us hold the camera. :P The sista ordered a beef set that comes with noodles and rice, I had grilled salmon with rice and Bear ordered onion fried beef with rice.The food there was only so-so. Wa Zen is so much better and Bear agreed with me.  Besides being unimpressive, the price is rather high. So, I think that would be the first and last time we dine there.

My next and final surprise for Bear was a birthday cake which I custom-made. I actually went to Sam Pattisier 2 weeks earlier with Amelia and ZiJia during our instax date. I specifically told the staff there I wanted a tchoukball cake. I even showed him pictures which I later e-mailed to him to make sure he had something to refer to. He told me he could make the cake as I requested and if there should have any changes, he would give me a call. He never called.

Nights before Bear's birthday, I actually dreamed that the cake turned to be a disaster as tchoukball picture was printed instead of being 3D. When we went to get the cake, I realised that the dream was actually much better than reality.


I was really very angry but the person, who I ordered from, was not there and scolding others for another's mistake is simply not fair. So, I wanted to do what I do best and that is to complain. However, Bear super liked the cake.He was so happy, especially when he saw the footballer has the same jersey number as him.

He cooled me off and I soon realised that as long as he likes it, there is no point complaining, even though I am still very angry with the shop. I don't think I will ever step into the shop for custom made cakes. Maybe I will visit for nice cakes as Bear's cake tasted good. It has some mango yogurt flavour with grated coconut surrounding it. Service lousy but cake sedap so boleh tahan la..HAHAHAHA!


 Note to Bear:
Happy birthday my darling!
I hope you enjoyed your birthday with all the surprises.
I wish you that you eat more and grow fatter
to be of real Bear size.
Can't wait to celebrate more birthdays with you
in the future.
Much love.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Exam Fever

During the exam season, I have 101 items to blog about.. But when I'm holiday, I have 101 excuses to delay blogging..  Exam has been over for almost two week now.. As the matter of fact, a new semester is starting soon. HAHAHAHA..

Exam is always a bitch, at least to me..  Thankfully, I got family support to push me through the tough times. It is nice to wake up late in the morning, after burning midnight candle, to creative cooking served on the dining table. My mumy saw this on the internet and she tried it herself. It tasted good, except that the spaghetti  in the sausage part is kinda hard; uncooked.

Bear has been very supporting too. He never fail to sit beside me as I studied. When my little brained was pressured, I scribbled little note and passed it to him. He would reply with silly words. These may seem very little or rather ridiculous to others, but it means a million to me.

On the first morning of my exam, I woke up to this awesome breakfast. Don't I have an awesome mother!! Got heart-shape carrot some more leh.. Even though I hate carrots, I still feel the warm..

Results will be out this week. Hopefully and prayfully, I will make it. *fingers crossed*

Friday, May 3, 2013

My New Toy!!

I have always wanted to own an instax and the only reason why I held back was because the 'maintenance' of owning one is rather expensive. After a long, high and low search.....

Yeah! I am a happy girl when the courier uncle dropped by my house! I personally prefer a Mini 25, but Mini 8 is good enough. Cannot afford Mini 25 la, too expensive at RM400+.. I got this good deal from Streetdeal at RM 270 for the above package plus postage. It is not a very good deal as my friend got the same package for RM240 in PD shop, but it is definitely cheaper than Royal Shop Instax (an online store I was observing). They sell the package with a film skin and film sticker at RM320. That's their best price some more!

Immediately after receiving it, I quickly tried it with Bear and the film turned out good. So far, I've tried 4 times and only one taken with sista and Tony Sparks was over-exposed as I tried to use the Hi-Key mode. That is why Mini 25 is so much better as it is always on auto more and has intelligent flash mode, so no problem with over or under exposed.

I got those pretty film skin from Amelia for RM10. RIS sells them at RM15! So expensive! I actually asked Amelia to look out for me when she goes to the JB instax shop, where she gets cheap products from (RM22 only for a box of plain film) , but it turned out that she had a pack unused which she got from a Singapore website, which sells even cheaper. SGD 0.80 per pack. If the currency is X3 also only RM2.40 leh. I think I'm going to visit the shop when I go SG the next time.

My instax went for an outing with the other instaxs. HAHAHA.. Amelia wanted to go visit Sam Pattissier in Melaka Raya to enquire about cupcakes she wanted to make for her boyfriend's birthday. I actually followed because I have something to enquire too. Will blog on that later. ZiJia also followed, so since all of us have an instax we decided we should bring them out for a walk. ZJ was the one who got hers at RM240.

I brought my instax in the box. It was so bulky and space-consuming. Simply pathetic too. I went to watch Ironman 3 with sista and Bear, and I had to carry the whole box in my handbag.So, obviously I need a better carrier for it. Again, I went to look in RIS and they were selling it for RM70! The SG website is slightly cheaper but I won't be going to SG any sooner. Suddenly, light bulb!! I went hunting in taobao, a China website which sells many stuff cheaply. I was so happy to find one at RMB 50 and found a macro lens for it for RMB 25, which is sold for RM40 in RIS Immediately, I called ZJ and asked her to purchase them for me as she has connection. The total amount for the porch and macro lens came out to RM60 including transportation within China and shipping to Malaysia. Well, still worth it!


 I am very happy with my completed Instax now!