Monday, April 29, 2013

40th. Month

Yup.. Bear and I have been together for 40 months. Time really flies..

A little love story.. We knew each other long before, but the sparks started when he offered me his jacket in Chee Foo camp when I was freezing in my shorts. I didn't want to carry heavy backpack so I only packed shorts to Cameron Highlands. *smack head*  He can't fit in that jacket anymore due to massive growth. HAHA..

We never miss a month, but he fell sick. Nevermind, got many more months to celebrate together. Hopes he gets better.. Luv u Bear Bear!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Church camp in Kuala Selangor

It was kinda last minute when my family finally decided to go for church camp this year. Frankly speaking, I wasn't very thrilled about the camp. The highlight of Kuala Selangor are the fireflies. Bear has been there a few years ago and he told me that we need a sampan ride to see those fireflies. Sampan are wooden boats, if you don't know. WOODEN BOATS! AWESOME! Kuala Selangor is also known of its fish market where you can get fresh fish at a good deal. FISH MARKET! The market is usually very woody.. DOUBLE AWESOME! You see, I'm extremely afraid of stepping on wooden surface and it sink together with my foot. Horrible feeling! That's why I'm willing to go for the craziest roller-coasters, but not a hanging bridge. I would rather die than to go across the bridge.

With those impressions, I was praying very hard that our accommodations will not be woody. After 3 and a half hours of car ride from Melaka, I was very relieve at the sight of our chalets!  


 Credit : Sista

 The chalets look very woody on the outside but inside, it has parquet flooring. Thank God! The scenery outside the chalets was very green and nice. However, that beautiful tree is the favourite hangout area of monkeys. I heard some campers got chased by monkeys as they had food in their hands. There is an adult and children pool but, the adult pool is simply pathetic. It is only 4ft. deep. I purposely bought a new swimming suit for this camp but I don't want to waste it for a 4ft. deep pool.

Dady was asked to follow pastor and some others to the fish market for sight-seeing so that they could brief other campers during the briefing session. I didn't want to just sit in the chalet so sista and I tagged along despite of the extremely hot weather. We were very lucky to arrive at the right timing as they just pulled up fresh prawns.


There are two seafood restaurant nearby the fish market; Riverside Seafood Restaurant and Jeti Seafood Restaurant. I was very excited to see my old-times favourite.I spent and wasted RM 2 at this little childhood game!

After dinner, we had a short session. The theme of this this year's camp is Family in Mission. Pastor shared a lot about God's covenant and kingdom. It was an interesting topic. The next program after session was to go for fireflies! Yeah! The place was kinda rural and has tonnes of mosquito there.

Credit : Sista

The sampan ride was frightening but bearable. I didn't scream so that was good improvement. The worst part of it was only getting onto and getting off it because the sampan will tilt and that freaked me out. Other than that, the ride was alright. Just that I could detect every little movement like the river current or when the sista decided to sit on another side of her butt. The fireflies was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! So nice and so unforgettable. Those fireflies stick on a certain tree and that makes it look like Christmas trees. I tried to capture these incredible creature but it was too dark. Thankfully, there are souvenirs for me to bring back to remember this wonderful experience.

After fireflies, we went for seafood supper in Jeti Seafood Restaurant. While other campers went for the set meal which was 8 dishes with rice, my table went a la'carte. Overall, the food was nice and CHEAP! It was less than RM200 for 6 dishes!!

Day two started with a big downpour. They said the thunder was very loud but I didn't hear anything. Thank God for being able to sleep well. After morning session, we brought other campers to the fish market. This time we weren't so lucky as there was no catch. They do have fishes but not fresh from the river.

That visit to the fish market was pretty much the highlight of the day. We had dinner and pastor took a nice photo of my family dining. Dady don't usually give a proper smile for photos but this is really a nice one.

Credits : Pastor Philip

After session, we went for seafood supper again. This time, we went to the Riverside Seafood Restaurant which was way better than Jeti, based on my opinion. We had a special dish, their homemade ice-cream! Very yummy! We ordered 8 pieces and that cost us RM10. We had other dishes besides the crab and fish but those were the higlights. Super yummy, especially the salted egg crab. I ate like a lot!

 I skipped breakfast on the third day. It was really very hard for me to wake up early in the morning. Before session, there was a telematch and it was super fun! I don't fancy being under the hot Sun but this time, I didn't mind because it was really fun. We played towel volleyball.

After session, it was time to check-out. My family went to the fish market again to get some fishes. Dady bought this 5.2kg fish and a kg of medium size prawns.

It was super hot, so sista and I got these ice-cream potong. We had lychee flavour which was a thumb-up.
That's all about my camp. I think the only thing I will miss about Kuala Selangor is the seafood.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Experience with Yun Nam Haircare

Last few weeks ago, I came across a good deal on byYun Nam Haircare. They were offering their award winning 3-in-1 hair & scalp intensive herbalogy treatment and 1 set of hair care products which consist of Yun Nam's shampoo, conditioner and nutritional lotion for only RM 2. 


Without much hesitation, I bought 2 vouchers for Bear and myself. We called and made appointment with Yun Nam. Both of us can't wait to see the condition of our scalps and get a super cheap, yet professional hairwash. That was the only reason I bought the deal. If they were to ask me to sign up for any packages which cost a bomb, I will tell them the real truth why I even step into the outlet.

After setting the appointment date, Yun Nam was very nice to call me a day before to remind me about it. They even called an hour before the appointment time to remind me once again. When we arrived, the HQ called one last time to make sure that I was in the outlet. Well, that was one good impression made on friendliness.

First complain. When we arrived, the receptionist registered us and asked us to wait. It is normal to wait, but hey! Don't you think making customers wait for more than 30minutes is a little too much??? However, I told myself that it is a good day and patience is a virtue so I kept it to myself. I did tell Bear that I'm fuming but I did not explode.

My consultant was a small but loud lady. She wasn't as friendly as the impression I got from the HQ department. She asked me questions about my hair and daily habits that could affect my hair health, I answered them and that's it! Then, she scanned my scalp and kept telling me how bad my dandruff was with constant criticism tone. It was good to know that I have dandruff problem so that I can take actions on it, but no need to say until so jia lat like I'm going to die of dandruff if I don't get my treatment in Yun Nam. OK, I may exaggerate but her speech really did make me feel that way. And here I am, thinking that they are the professionals and are trained to talk in a friendly and polite manner with customers. I remembered many years ago, I used to visit Marie France Bodyline with my mum to get her treatment. Those consultant there are top! They served my mum AND MYSELF (even though I was not their customers) like royalties. We get hot tea served in nice cup, constant conversation with consultant or therapists and they make sure that our needs were met.

After all the heart-breaking news, my consultant brought me to their saloon where treatments are done. I remember Marie France's treatment rooms were nice and classy, but Yun Nam's look like an ordinary saloon that charge RM15-20 for a haircut. Secret Hair and Makeup Saloon, which Bear visits regularly was 10X better looking. My consultant was actually nice to make me ginseng tea in styroform cup. Bear's consultant didn't make him any! She got my hair washed, applied herbs onto my scalp and left me alone in the saloon.

Thankfully, Bear came not long after that and he sat beside me. His consultant was even worse. She looks very cold, not friendly at all. And as I mentioned earlier, she did no serve him with any tea. Bear also told me that she washed his hair like scrubbing stained-floor. It was like he owed her the previous life (we don't actually believe in that though) and she was taking revenge on him by reaping his scalp off. I did not really trust him because I simply believe that these people are professionals, they know how to wash hairs. Same like my consultant, she left Bear after applying herbs.

We were left all by ourselves while waiting for the herbs to absorb into our scalp. After about 40 minutes or so, Bear's consultant came to get his hair washed again while I wait for mine. His consultant blew his hair dry and brought him to the consultation room for a chat while I continue to wait for my consultant. Bear came back to me later telling me that his consultant suggested treatment for him as his condition were quite severe. Minutes later, Bear's consultant came and helped me to wash my hair. Man, Bear was more than 100% right. She really did scrub my head with all her strength and might!! My consultant was still nowhere to be seen when she blew dry my hair. So much for sticking to one consultant huh..

In conclusion, my experience with Yun Nam Haircare was not as good as I expected it to be. Making us wait at the reception or more than 30minutes was bad. Constant criticism about my head was a minus point. Leaving me alone in the saloon and don't appear ever since make me feel like that will be the first and last time I visit that orange-painted place. Maybe I paid only RM 2 hence, I don't deserve their royalty services. Well, that I can't complain..


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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Parents Won Insta Love Gift Contest

As I visit Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Mall a lot, I came across Insta Lovegift Photo Contest posters in the mall. It is a contest by the Hatten Group in conjunction of Valentine's Day. In order to participate, just simply buy a Valentine's gift from DP or Hatten Square, take a creative photo of it and post it in Instagram with the required hashtags. I admit that contests like this really get my attention. No need to fret about getting people to like or vote, just simply submit an entry and let the management judge. I told Sista about it and we can't wait to participate. That means I do expect a gift from Bear :p Sista and I were aiming on the 3rd prize, which are 2 sets of iPad minis. Yes, we are the weirdest people on the planet who do not aim for the 1st. or 2nd. prize, but the 3rd. prize :D

Poster by Hatten Group

V'day was very nice. I bought a green shirt for Bear from Brands Outlet as V'day's gift the day before and asked him to wear it for our date. My green spaghetti-strap dress from Kitschen and a white knitted top matched his outfit perfectly. So, it was green Vday this year. We had companion this year as Sista has no date and she was alone at home. Not very nice to stay at home alone for V'day la, so I asked her to join us. Bear brought us to Vivo in New Jusco for lunch. After lunch, we watched Wedding Diary 2, which wasn't as nice as Part 1, based on my option. Nevertheless, we did had a good laugh in the cinema. We then went to Ice Town for some dessert. That was our first time there and the shave ice there are not bad. The parents called when we were deciding on dinner so we to Senju Tei for family Vday. We were so lucky to get a seat there as the restaurant was fully-booked! However, the food was rather lousy, maybe due to the crowd. Plus, they did not have their regular set meals and that makes the whole situation tougher as we don't know much about Japanese food in a la'carte. I definitely prefer to have Japanese food in set meal. Next, we went for some shopping in Dataran Pahlawan.

That was when we decided to take photos of some items we bought. The first photo was our first entry of Bear "proposing" to me with a body scrub. The second entry has my parents in it with a rainbow umbrella and the raining night scenery. The body scrub and rainbow umbrella were bought from Mr. DIY.

Our third entry was submitted on the last day of the contest. It was really an coincident. Dady wanted to get a smartphone/tablet for Mumy as Vday gift. So, we went hunting around and Mumy thought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 suits her better, with the big screen size and her bad eyesight. Sista suggested that we don't waste the chance and submit another entry for the contest. It is Vday pressie anyway.

I tell you, we checked on Dataran Pahlawan's facebook page every second, every minute, every day for their announcement of the contest winners!! On the day we were packing to get ready to travel to Awana, I was checking my usual Facebook news feed and I came across the contest winners announcement. We were one of the winners of the contest!!!

Guess which prize we won......


Announcement made by Hatten Group


I went over to the parents' room and congratulated Mumy as it was her photo which won the prize. She was so, so, so happy! Then the Sista came in, found of of the news and said, "Yer... No more iPads already lo". Well, who cares!! As long as we won something!! HAHAHA! If we were to win the consolation prize, we would be very happy too. As a matter of fact, we actually won something better than the iPads! It seemed that Tissot watches carry more value than iPad minis. I checked on the Internet for Tissot Seastar 1000 price range and it is true!! iPad mini only cost about RM1,000 each.

Mumy told us to kept the news from Dady as she wanted it to be a surprise for his birthday. He heard us screaming in joy and came into the room for some news. Mumy made him by suspicious by making small whispers and laughter. We called the management to ask if we could collect the prize on the day itself so that we can have them as Dady's present but they said the gifts were not ready yet and asked us to come the next day. No choice lo, we were about to travel so had to wait til Monday to collect the. Meanwhile, Dady was still very suspicious.

On Monday, Mumy told Dady craps to get him to go to Hatten's management office. She told him that Bear needed room rates for his Taiwan friends who will be coming to Melaka. Dady replied, "Isaiah going Taiwan for tournament soon what. His friends come for what since he's not around?" Smart Dady but Mumy was smarter to get him there.

We asked for our church member who is working there at the reception counter and when she walked out to the lobby with the Tissot boxes in her hands, Dady knew what was all the whispering and laughing were all about. He smiled so broadly that you could only see his teeth but not his eyes. It was so nice to see the parents being so happy. Thank you Hatten Group!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

March-ing with Food

A new beginning for my blog!! Hopefully I could write about it later.. For now, I wanna cerita about the month of March. It was filled with (invited) dinners!! Glories food the whole month!!

 I was on semester break from CNY til the first week of March. The 8 dishes dinners during CNY was enough to make me fat. I was thinking of dieting after CNY but that never happened.

On the first week of March, it was my cousin's church wedding ceremony. So, the family thought it would be nice to travel up Awana Resort a few days before the wedding. Moreover, it was Dady's birthday that week and we planned to have steamboat. Man, the car was fully-packed with food! Awana was so nice and cold. I could stay there forever. Melaka is insanely hot!! After unloading and resting, I went for a swim with the sista and bear. We had the whole pool by ourselves. Such a bliss! We started to have our #1 makan at about  7pm and paused (not stopped!) at about 9pm. After the movie "In-Laws" ended, we traveled up to Genting. The journey up was very misty!! Dady must have ultra-eyes to be able to drive in such thick mist. We had a wonderful time with the breeze and a cup of Starbucks' hot chocolate.

At about midnight, we drove down to Awana and had some cakes we bought for Dady's birthday. Then, the family started to eat the remaining of the steamboat until 2am!! I did not join them.

The wedding was beautiful. So nice to witness a Christian wedding ceremony in the family. As usual, after the ceremony, there was a feast and that was my #2 makan.

Class started on the second week of March. Thankfully, my first class on Monday started at 12pm. The days went passed smoothly and then weekend came. A night before the wedding dinner, my uncle and aunty hosted a small celebration at their place and that marked my #3 makan.

The next morning was the yam cha session. I suck at waking up in the morning, super hate waking up early in the morning. Anyway, I made it that morning and I got my first ang pau from the newly weds! Will be getting an extra ang pau every CNY from now on til I get married! After the yam session, the aunty catered lunch so makan #4!

The sista and I booked Joey from Secret Hair and Makeup Saloon to get our hair done. She did an awesome, awesome job. I super like!

The cousin requested my help to do some reception stuff  with other two cousins, so I had to reach there earlier. The wedding dinner was so much fun. It was nice to get together with all the cousins again and we totally enjoyed #5 makan for the month of March.

My favourite photo of the night. I just got a crazy idea to do some jumping shots with our dresses. Many shots failed as sista wasn't able to jump high enough but this is the perfect one. Super love.

The third week was kinda relaxing one. I gotta wake up early on a Saturday though, for IVAQ. I had to leave the event earlier for a simple appreciation dinner, which I did not really eat. So, this makan is excluded la.

The last week of March came and my cousin-uncle (mum's cousin) wanted to belanja the family a dinner and that was my #6 and last makan of the month *phew*. We went to New Lagoon Restaurant and there were many extended family members there. Well, the food was rather just fine but my cousins and I were very fascinated about the wall of the restaurant which was filled with antique plates and bowls.

Later that night, we went to Casa de Cafe for second round. I only had a drink but had lots of fun playing Dutch Blitz!

And that sums up the month of March. 6 glorious meals in a month!! I'm glad that it is over and now I could start dieting and prepare for a nicer body shape by my Liberty Day.