Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Janice's 21st. Birthday

It is not my birthday. At least, not yet la.. Got another week to go before it is my turn

Yup, I have a friend who share the same name as me. We even have the same abbreviation too - JT. I got to know this incredible lady in year 2010 when we were both in the same class for Foundation. In our first class, the lecturer read our names from the attendance list and I thought she was calling for me. When I was about to get out of my seat, JanTeo walked out first. So, HAHAHA.. She didn't know that there were another girl of her name in the class either. Since then, I started to take notice of this same-name girl.

I don't remember who said hi or talked to another first, but we seem to "click" quite well for these years. We could almost talk and laugh (and even gossip) at everything. I really enjoy her companion and I think (and hope) she enjoys mine too. It is not every time you get to know of somebody with the same name and be best friends. To add up to the spice, our birthdays are on the same month too! That may only happen once a lifetime!! HAHAHA!

Her birthday party theme was Men's Night Out. She specifically mentioned that girls were not allowed in the party. When I got her invitation, I immediately Googled for girls in men's outfit. Sadly, I was busy on the party day preparing for my own party *heee* and sending Dady off to KL so I just simply wear something that is less-girly. When we arrived, they had a mustache-drawing session. Jan helped me to draw the top part of my "mustache" and Bear continued the rest. GREAT! So, the party was literally filled with "men" and Jan was the ONLY girl.

I bought her pressie a month ago but it could not arrive on time for the party or on her actual birthday. We can't go to her party empty-handed right.. I wanted to get her junk food but Bear had a better idea of getting her a sexy nighty. I was skeptical about "overly-sexy" ones because I'm 100% sure that she won't use it, AT ALL.. So I chose something non-transparent and comfortable. I managed to get the actual pressie yesterday evening and gave it on her today, on her belated birthday. That's her instagram post regarding her customised necklace from Glam Tag.

Side note:
Thanks for being an awesome friend to me, Jan. 
I hope you enjoyed all the men's companion and had a great day
for yourself.
I thank God for having you in my life and
I will  never let this friendship go!
Sounds cheesy but that's what you get!
Happy 21st!

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