Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Week Filled with Love

Mondays are usually a drag. Tuesdays too! Pace slows down a little and I get to catch my breath on Wednesdays. Thursdays make me excited as it is the pre of pre-weekend. Friday is to finish up all the misery and rejoice!! No need to say lo, Saturday and Sunday is the best day of the week. 

Life has taught me that it depends on how I want to spend my week and make the best of it. Some act of love can actually help in boosting the mood from the horrid week and make it more meaningful.

On one of the mornings, I went to class as usual and the sista messaged me to see if I was interested for breakfast after class. It has been forever since I had breakfast. I wasn't really a breakfast fan though I know of the importance. Anyway, it was a lovely breakfast with not-too-hot weather to talk crap.

Bear and I celebrated our last month before the 4th. year sweeps by. Every month, I'm amazed at how far we have made together. It always seemed impossible but we made it la. We had a small celebration this time because Bear was busy with tournament's preparation. It's OK, it's the thought that counts and the celebration serve as a reminder to be grateful of each other only.

This little fellow got first in class again. So, my mum gave him a treat to watch a movie in the cinema. When you are young, you get excited all over small matters like going to the cinema. When you get older like me, not many things could be impressive anymore. 

We watched Frozen as it was the only cartoon at that time. I kinda love the story line whereby it is not old-Disney couple-love but this time it was about sisterly-love. OK, not going to be a spoiler so go watch the movie! It is good, I promise! Unless you are like Bear who don't really fancy musical.

Some morning, I just wake up feeling pretty and decided to take this shot. Super vain and shameless hor...

I went over to Bear's house to pick him up and had some awesome bonding time with his Poodle, Bobby. He was exceptionally manja that day and kept looking at me as if he has something serious to tell me.

He even tried to kiss me when I lifted him up!
Bear made him wear shoes, which he didn't really enjoy. He was not used to walking in it and kept hopping like a rabbit. He was so adorable.

 "Don't you dare make me wear these shoes!"

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Weekend getaway

So..Last weekend was quite a dramatic one..

Bear's church planned for a mini church camp in Kukup and he asked me to join them. At first, I didn't wana follow laore because I was there last May leh and there isn't much worthy for a revisit. I cried at the sight of wooden pathway at the last trip and some more Bear made me walk the hanging bridged. Urgh! Not fun at all. And if I go, I gotta skip my morning class on Monday. However, bear persuaded me that a short weekend getaway will be fun so, I agreed to go.

Of all the time, the "aunty" decided to pay a visit on the night before we were travelling. I knew she will be nasty so I packed panadol, just in case. I was super right! Once we arrived, the cramp kicked in and became very bad in just minutes. I don't usually vomit due to her visit but I was not sure why I did this time. At the second throw-out, I was all dizzy and wobbly.  Thankfully, bear was with me in the toilet and he caught me before I fell. I went blank after that.

Bear told me that I asked for a doctor unconsciously. Now, that don't happen a lot because I hate going to the doctors and Bear knew so too. I must be in horrible pain to ask for such request. His sis went asking around for the nearest doctor but they only have government's clinic, which is close on Sundays and the next best alternative was Pontian Hospital, which is pretty far according to bear.

Bear thought he had no choice but to get me to the hospital for jab, no matter how far the hospital may be. Thankfully, there was a stranger who saw that I passed out and came to offer help. He thought I had a heatstroke so he asked bear to bring me over to a massaging center which was air conditioned. Bear told me he carried me to the center with his bare hands. Not bad ah, he quite strong ah. HAHAHA. Bear said he explained that I fainted because of stomach cramp and the two aunties in the center started to massage me. In chinese, we call it as ___. He said I rolled all over the place crying in pain. After a while, I stopped and fell into deep sleep. I felt cold and the aunties covered me with 3 blankets. Bear found out in their conversation that the uncle and aunties were actually preparing to go back to SG to work but they offered to help regardlessly. Bear didn't want to delay their trip any longer so he woke me up.

I was better than fine when I woke up. I can't express how thankful I was. The thought that they delayed their trip to help a stranger really amazed me. They didn't even asked for any money after all the massage. They are my Good Samaritans.

"Offer help to whoever 
whenever it is needed" 

The marks after ___

The strong man who carried me with his bare hands

This is the wooden pathway that made me cried the last trip. This trip, I didn't cry but it was still very scary la. I super hate the sinking feeling when I step on it. And it can possibly break at any time, you know with the presence of termites and other insects. It was rather scary for me to stand alone, without him holding me, for a picture of myself, so Bear had to help me to sit down properly and comfortably. I was also afraid that my flops will drop into the sea so I took them off. Sounds ridiculous but it was better to not lose my flops!! HAHAHA..

As expected, it was pretty boring. I watched "Little Nyonya" on TV the whole evening while Bear napped. We managed to have a glimpsed of the beautiful sunset though.

Dinner was what Bear has been waited for. As a matter of fact, he was in this trip for the food! I didn't have much appetite so they don't look very appealing to me as compared to last trip. After dinner there was a short fellowship and sharing session. We brought bean game and dutch blitz out and played until past midnight. Bear's dad joined us and played bean game for the first time and surprisingly, he won us all!

I knew what was up for the second day. It was exactly the same as the last trip. We took a boat to the mangrove forest then visit the fish farm and have lunch before leaving. How interesting! 

Before boarding the boat, I had a little tummy ache and I was worried the cramp relapse. Thank God one of Bear's church member had some Chinese medicine and I got better after swallowing them.

Going to the mangrove forest literally means crossing the hanging bridge.. AGAIN.. Even though he supported me and held my hand while crossing, I think Bear gets the thrill watching me tremble in fear. Next time, I'll make him ride on Selero Shot in Genting Highlands with me!

We went up a 5-storey tower to have a view of all the mangrove tress. There is a lot of green so it was very nice for pictures. Other than that, there isn't much to see.

We went to the fish farm and the last time, I dared not walk these planks. This time bear said I need to challenge myself. We'll see if he challenges himself on extreme rides like roller coaster the next time. So, I walked them because I am a brave gurl. I got to see these weird sea creature which I treated as a little reward for myself. Sorry for the messy hair, the heat was horrible.

We were running late and I almost couldn't make it to class. Bear sped like no nobody's business. To end this post, here is a picture of the beautiful sky taken when we were on the way back.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

No Fate with Cooking

As mentioned in the previous post, my sista made toast breads with butter and kaya. The gold brown colour looked so appetizing..

Well, I tried making and this was how it looked like.. HAHAHA.. Super ugly! Part of it was burned and as in the picture, they were VERY toasted until they bent! And they were also VERY toasted til they literally became crumbs..
With that, I am very positive that I can't cook.. Not even toast bread!! Bear was very nice to say that appearance doesn't matter as long as it taste good.. How can he be so sweet!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Simple and Cheap, yet Delicious Food in Melaka

When people ask me about my hobby next time, I'll just tell them I eat to past time.. HAHAHA!

Being #asianatwork, I have been to many nice, fancy cafes or restaurants which serve over-priced, well-presented meals. The first thing I would do is to pull out the camera and start clicking it. And by the time I am satisfied with the picture taken, the food would normally be cold by then. The food may or may not taste good, I will still take pictures first, have a bite and later decide whether it is worthy to be posted in. Admit it! You have been in my shoes too!

 These few weeks I've been eating a lot (as if I eat lesser on other days. Bluek!) and it suddenly strikes me that it is not necessary to go to fancy makan place and pay an expensive price for good food.. And by 'good food', I mean those that look and taste good too!! As a matter of fact, cheap food can be more delicious than those exy ones!! 

Last Saturday, Bear had to go to Masjid Tanah to get some medication for his dad. Masjid Tanah is a rural part of Melaka and it is Bear's hometown. He decided to bring me makan the best cendol there. It was really yummy! The fragrance of the gula Melaka makes me drool as I type this out. However, the stall was located outside a market and the smell was pretty horrible that I gagged. That was the only turn-off.

RM 2.50

We spotted this in one of the stalls in the market too! This is my childhood food. I remember my granny would buy this for me and I will be extremely happy when I came back from school. It is simply made of flour, sugar and water and out come this awesome snack! Yummy! I seldom see these selling in Melaka town anymore. Maybe pasar malam got sell, but I'm not to sure. If you see it, do buy one and give it a try!

RM 1.00

At night, I went for supper with the cousins in Asam Pedas, Kota Laksamana. While the boys had asam pedas baked stingray with rice, I had Roti John. It is margarine baked bread on the outside and tuna on the inside, chopped cabbages, thousand island and chilli sauce. The creator, which I presume is Mr. John, is indeed a genius! I could have the whole stick to myself but I gotta watch out the scale so I reluctantly shared it with Bear. I don't know the price for this because Bear paid for it.

On Sunday, the granny came over to teach sista how to make mua-chi. It is made of glutinous rice flour, water, peanuts and sesame seeds. The few ingredient makes it sound very easy to make right? Trust me, it is not! So many techniques and skill to make delicious ones. It was the sista's first time so it turned out tougher than it should be. Not bad though!

The sista had a long Monday last week and to lighten her blueness, she decided that she wanted to have toasted Hailam bread with butter and kaya. This is the champion of simple yet extremely yummy!

Bread - RM 3
Butter - Leftovers in the fridge
Kaya - RM 2.50

I am a huge fan of cold food. Anything cold is good! This ice-cream is called 摇摇冰 and direct translate of it would be 'Shaked Ice'. I could only find this selling in Bukit Beruang's Wednesday pasar malam. When I was staying that area last time, I had this every week! They have many flavours but my favourite are cocoa, durian, grape, lychee and orange. Super yum!

RM 1.20

Malaysia seriously has a wide range of food and many of them are cheap, especially in Melaka. That explains why Melaka is always crowded on weekends. Tourist are flooding in! So, come over if you have the time.. :)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Kangaroo's Birthday

Last weekend was quite happening. We had quite a number of events but the main highlight was the kangaroo's birthday. 

On Friday we attended our grand-uncle's birthday. I was pretty lazy to dress up so I simply pulled up a tube top and a shorts. Then I went to check out what the sista wore, I was surprise to find her in a dress! Normally, I would be the one in dress and she'll be wearing short or jeans. That night was totally opposite! HAHAHAHA! Oh, and we both had sweaters on because it was raining that night.

The reasons why I call the sista BK is because it is the abbreviation for 'Baby Kangaroo'. She seems to like it and has been using it very frequently. It was really tough for me to get her a pressie for her birthday because lucky child like her has everything that she has ever wanted. So I planned with Bear to get her a Haagen-Dazs ice-cream as a surprise when the clock striked 12am.

Yes, she did seemed like she like it very much.. SUCCESS!

I did get her some small gifts la, and I think she liked them very much too. Even I, myself kinda like them that I may buy for myself soon. 

The family went out to Amigo Steak and Grill for dinner and I had my all time favourite, Mozzarella Chicken. May cause me to gain extra kilograms but I don't eat it often ma, so it should be fine. I think Bear over-pampered her la. He felt bad for not getting her any pressie so he offered to pay for her ice-cream when I earlier thought of getting it for my from my own pocket. Then, he still felt bad because he thinks the ice-cream can't be a fancy pressie and offered to get her favourite Nadeje crepe cake. 


After cutting and distributing the cake, BK suddenly realised that we didn't take any family photo! So, here is one without the cake. I do think all of us look good here. We even had a colour code of black, white and red which was totally unintentionally. OK la, I was actually wearing pink, but it can't be seen in the photo ma so it's fine.

Once again,
Happy 19th Birthday!
I hope you had a great day! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Celebration for Monday Blue

I haven't have Monday Blue for the longest time! What is there to be blue about when I have no classes on Mondays for the last semester?! I usually slept until the brain decides to wake up. 

The new semester has started and this semester I have classes from Monday to Friday and once again, the blue-feeling rekindled. I have the worst arrangement of classes on Mondays la and I got to tahan for 14 weeks! Classes at 10-12pm then 4-7pm is really tiring as I am practically stucked during the class gap. 

Yesterday was a Monday. Yesterday was our 46th. month together. After the morning class, Bear brought me out for lunch in Row Six. Some of the items in their menu actually tasted weird as they come from our neighbouring countries, but some are delicious. We go there a lot and usually would end up ordering the same food we had the last visit. HAHAHA! I promised myself that I will be more adventurous and try others during my next visit. 

There is this application that is going really hot currently. It cartoonise the face and make it look real! The app has a Chinese name, 魔漫相机 but somehow I couldn't find it on Google Play Store directly. My friend actually sent the link to me before I was able to download it. When I have the app, I went exploring and darn it, it was all in Chinese (and I can't read Chinese). So in the beginning, I found myself clicking on every buttons and try to figure out what it does and soon enough, I was quite good in it. The app only worked for one person and I wanted to create one of me and Bear for our day. So I picked a similarly-related cartoon template and used other photo editing app to combine both pictures. 

It looked good right?! I should be in designing school la!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

More Holiday Fun

Dady called and asked us to travel up to KL that very Thursday night so that we could go to Bukit Merah with him on the next morning. It was very rushed for us but we enjoyed it. We packed our clothes, ran some errands and waited for Bear to finish his training before travelling up at about 9pm. We met up with Dady and went back to his apartment to rest. The family had to wake up at 5am the next morning to avoid the jam. 

On our way to Bukit Merah, we stopped in Bidur to have breakfast and had the most fantastic Milo Ice! We are there because he had job assignment there. Bukit Merah has practically nothing there so I was very thankful that the house there has Wi-Fi. We did help Dady on and off with his work but most of the time, we would run off to check on Facebook/Instagram updates. 

Sunday is family day and Dady didn't need to work so he brought us to Penang which was an hour away. We actually don't have a specific place to head to so I brought the family to where I wanted to visit, Charlie Brown Cafe!!! 

Of course we had to order something and dine-in to get these photos. We had their famous hot beverages for the rainy day. Bear and I shared Kung Pao chicken rice and my sister had some pizza.

Next, we went to Batu Feringgi. It had been raining the whole day and we were thankful that it stopped a little while when we were there. The view there was so incredible!

We actually planned to travel back to KL on Monday but our Taiping friend asked us to stay back for another day so that we could visit Bukit Larut. We rode on a jeep and the ride was crazy and fun! Unless you are the kind who get dizzy easily, you should really ride on this amazing adventurous ride!! 

Oh man! The scenery there was breath-taking! So beauty that I actually lost for words. We climbed a little higher to a cafe for a cup of tea.

The only part I hated about the trip was that I had to bathe with freezing cold water the entire week. There did not have water heater there and when we got back to Dady's apartment, the water supply was cut off. We had to use the swimming pool bathroom to shower! Besides that, we had an amazing trip and family quality time.