Thursday, January 2, 2014


I know it's too late but....

Merry Christmas!!
(And maybe Happy New Year too..)

Better late than never ok!!

This year, my Christmas was simple yet fun. All because of my "beloved" uni la.. People's uni purposely arrange their timetable so that Christmas will be a STRESS-FREE holiday but my uni is the opposite one.. We have midterm papers after the Christmas break.. How to be not stressful leh..Give holiday also bu gan yen (unwilling) one.. The next one will be Chinese New Year.. CNY is suppose to be our study break wo, means after that is finals liao la.. Where got people study during CNY one!! Nama only "university" but planning worst than primary schools!!

Anyway, I still made the best out of it. The weekend before Christmas I asked the cousins out to Portuguese Settlement to enjoy the yearly lighting and decoration. We were surprised that the road was not jammed up as it was supposed to be during Christmas season and later, to our disappointment, only a handful of houses were being decorated. We read in the newspaper later and found out the the government didn't provide any fund for them.. Well done!!! To the residents there, thank you very much for the effort and trying your best to create the Christmas mood.

Since there wasn't much to see there, we decided to play this lantern thing called 'kwong meng tang'. If I'm not wrong, Chinese believes that written messages/wishes on the lantern will be brought up to the skies by the hot air and later reach the Gods and hopefully their messages/wishes will come true or be granted.

My cousin and her boyfriend wrote their own wishes without the other party knowing what they wrote. When they were about to let it go, my cousin asked to see what her boyfriend wrote and was very sad when her boyfriend wishes her to grow fatter. HAHAHA! You see, sometimes it's better NOT to know..

Bear knew I don't believe such thing wan la, but he asked me to write something on the lantern so I obliged. 

After all the lanterns were being let go, we had supper in Kota Laksamana dim sum shop. The cousin's boyfriend ordered this dish called 'Wang Di Pau'. The sista and I shared one and it was like having the best of both world because you get to have 'loh mai kai' and 'pau' a the same time. Supper yummeh!

Thankfully, I could still fit in my dress the next day after the heavy supper. My church had a Christmas luncheon on that weekend. It was kinda tough to get up in the morning after the late night. 

Bear and I usually celebrate Christmas separately. He has to attend his church's service and I gotta attend mine and they all happen at the same time. This year, my church held the luncheon earlier, so we kinda get to celebrate together.

I got an awesome granny who has been sewing dresses for us since birth. Really! Never bluff you one! She is such an amazing woman with so many talents. Of course, I wanna be like her but where can.. She set the bar so high until I think I barely reach a quater of her talents.. 

This is our Christmas collection this year! So nice hor! She came out with the designs by herself one. Normally, she gets her inspiration from TV la.. She watch a lot of movies at home so she'll take note of what the actresses wear and sew for us. Our dresses actually have the same print, just different colour only.

As I mentioned, the sista and I were quite busy with preparation for midterms and assignments piling up so we didn't really thought of Christmas presents until the last few days. Thankfully, we got some ideas from Youtube and decided to paint moustaches on wine glass and called it 'Grow a Moustache with every Sip'.

We actually decided to make those glasses because the video made it so easy to made those glasses. However, when we really try it I almost went crazy! It wasn't so easy. We are really very thankful to get all done by on time.

On Christmas eve, the family came over for a BBQ session. Bear joined us later because he had carolling. My parents bought a pack of marshmallow and that was the first to finish. Next time, I think we need two packs!

After dinner, the sista brought out Twister and we played and laughed so hard! We played until everyone get aches all over their bodies. Guess we are not so young anymore.

On Christmas morning, the parents brought is out for lunch in Bar.B.Q Plaza. It was a nice bonding session together.

The church organised a Christmas at the park and it was pretty fun. I just hope that we could party longer but the crowd dismissed themselves before 9pm..

So, Bear said the Christmas mood shouldn't end at 9pm so we went for a movie. Police Story 2013!! 

I had indigestion the next day and had to rely on these. HAHAHA..Nothing unsual la, I always have indigestion during the festives because I eat and eat and eat.. :D

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haha i see the mustache on the glass i was thinking what it is for! then only i saw ur photo! LOL!