Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Week Filled with Love

Mondays are usually a drag. Tuesdays too! Pace slows down a little and I get to catch my breath on Wednesdays. Thursdays make me excited as it is the pre of pre-weekend. Friday is to finish up all the misery and rejoice!! No need to say lo, Saturday and Sunday is the best day of the week. 

Life has taught me that it depends on how I want to spend my week and make the best of it. Some act of love can actually help in boosting the mood from the horrid week and make it more meaningful.

On one of the mornings, I went to class as usual and the sista messaged me to see if I was interested for breakfast after class. It has been forever since I had breakfast. I wasn't really a breakfast fan though I know of the importance. Anyway, it was a lovely breakfast with not-too-hot weather to talk crap.

Bear and I celebrated our last month before the 4th. year sweeps by. Every month, I'm amazed at how far we have made together. It always seemed impossible but we made it la. We had a small celebration this time because Bear was busy with tournament's preparation. It's OK, it's the thought that counts and the celebration serve as a reminder to be grateful of each other only.

This little fellow got first in class again. So, my mum gave him a treat to watch a movie in the cinema. When you are young, you get excited all over small matters like going to the cinema. When you get older like me, not many things could be impressive anymore. 

We watched Frozen as it was the only cartoon at that time. I kinda love the story line whereby it is not old-Disney couple-love but this time it was about sisterly-love. OK, not going to be a spoiler so go watch the movie! It is good, I promise! Unless you are like Bear who don't really fancy musical.

Some morning, I just wake up feeling pretty and decided to take this shot. Super vain and shameless hor...

I went over to Bear's house to pick him up and had some awesome bonding time with his Poodle, Bobby. He was exceptionally manja that day and kept looking at me as if he has something serious to tell me.

He even tried to kiss me when I lifted him up!
Bear made him wear shoes, which he didn't really enjoy. He was not used to walking in it and kept hopping like a rabbit. He was so adorable.

 "Don't you dare make me wear these shoes!"

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