Friday, April 26, 2013

Church camp in Kuala Selangor

It was kinda last minute when my family finally decided to go for church camp this year. Frankly speaking, I wasn't very thrilled about the camp. The highlight of Kuala Selangor are the fireflies. Bear has been there a few years ago and he told me that we need a sampan ride to see those fireflies. Sampan are wooden boats, if you don't know. WOODEN BOATS! AWESOME! Kuala Selangor is also known of its fish market where you can get fresh fish at a good deal. FISH MARKET! The market is usually very woody.. DOUBLE AWESOME! You see, I'm extremely afraid of stepping on wooden surface and it sink together with my foot. Horrible feeling! That's why I'm willing to go for the craziest roller-coasters, but not a hanging bridge. I would rather die than to go across the bridge.

With those impressions, I was praying very hard that our accommodations will not be woody. After 3 and a half hours of car ride from Melaka, I was very relieve at the sight of our chalets!  


 Credit : Sista

 The chalets look very woody on the outside but inside, it has parquet flooring. Thank God! The scenery outside the chalets was very green and nice. However, that beautiful tree is the favourite hangout area of monkeys. I heard some campers got chased by monkeys as they had food in their hands. There is an adult and children pool but, the adult pool is simply pathetic. It is only 4ft. deep. I purposely bought a new swimming suit for this camp but I don't want to waste it for a 4ft. deep pool.

Dady was asked to follow pastor and some others to the fish market for sight-seeing so that they could brief other campers during the briefing session. I didn't want to just sit in the chalet so sista and I tagged along despite of the extremely hot weather. We were very lucky to arrive at the right timing as they just pulled up fresh prawns.


There are two seafood restaurant nearby the fish market; Riverside Seafood Restaurant and Jeti Seafood Restaurant. I was very excited to see my old-times favourite.I spent and wasted RM 2 at this little childhood game!

After dinner, we had a short session. The theme of this this year's camp is Family in Mission. Pastor shared a lot about God's covenant and kingdom. It was an interesting topic. The next program after session was to go for fireflies! Yeah! The place was kinda rural and has tonnes of mosquito there.

Credit : Sista

The sampan ride was frightening but bearable. I didn't scream so that was good improvement. The worst part of it was only getting onto and getting off it because the sampan will tilt and that freaked me out. Other than that, the ride was alright. Just that I could detect every little movement like the river current or when the sista decided to sit on another side of her butt. The fireflies was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! So nice and so unforgettable. Those fireflies stick on a certain tree and that makes it look like Christmas trees. I tried to capture these incredible creature but it was too dark. Thankfully, there are souvenirs for me to bring back to remember this wonderful experience.

After fireflies, we went for seafood supper in Jeti Seafood Restaurant. While other campers went for the set meal which was 8 dishes with rice, my table went a la'carte. Overall, the food was nice and CHEAP! It was less than RM200 for 6 dishes!!

Day two started with a big downpour. They said the thunder was very loud but I didn't hear anything. Thank God for being able to sleep well. After morning session, we brought other campers to the fish market. This time we weren't so lucky as there was no catch. They do have fishes but not fresh from the river.

That visit to the fish market was pretty much the highlight of the day. We had dinner and pastor took a nice photo of my family dining. Dady don't usually give a proper smile for photos but this is really a nice one.

Credits : Pastor Philip

After session, we went for seafood supper again. This time, we went to the Riverside Seafood Restaurant which was way better than Jeti, based on my opinion. We had a special dish, their homemade ice-cream! Very yummy! We ordered 8 pieces and that cost us RM10. We had other dishes besides the crab and fish but those were the higlights. Super yummy, especially the salted egg crab. I ate like a lot!

 I skipped breakfast on the third day. It was really very hard for me to wake up early in the morning. Before session, there was a telematch and it was super fun! I don't fancy being under the hot Sun but this time, I didn't mind because it was really fun. We played towel volleyball.

After session, it was time to check-out. My family went to the fish market again to get some fishes. Dady bought this 5.2kg fish and a kg of medium size prawns.

It was super hot, so sista and I got these ice-cream potong. We had lychee flavour which was a thumb-up.
That's all about my camp. I think the only thing I will miss about Kuala Selangor is the seafood.

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