Sunday, April 7, 2013

March-ing with Food

A new beginning for my blog!! Hopefully I could write about it later.. For now, I wanna cerita about the month of March. It was filled with (invited) dinners!! Glories food the whole month!!

 I was on semester break from CNY til the first week of March. The 8 dishes dinners during CNY was enough to make me fat. I was thinking of dieting after CNY but that never happened.

On the first week of March, it was my cousin's church wedding ceremony. So, the family thought it would be nice to travel up Awana Resort a few days before the wedding. Moreover, it was Dady's birthday that week and we planned to have steamboat. Man, the car was fully-packed with food! Awana was so nice and cold. I could stay there forever. Melaka is insanely hot!! After unloading and resting, I went for a swim with the sista and bear. We had the whole pool by ourselves. Such a bliss! We started to have our #1 makan at about  7pm and paused (not stopped!) at about 9pm. After the movie "In-Laws" ended, we traveled up to Genting. The journey up was very misty!! Dady must have ultra-eyes to be able to drive in such thick mist. We had a wonderful time with the breeze and a cup of Starbucks' hot chocolate.

At about midnight, we drove down to Awana and had some cakes we bought for Dady's birthday. Then, the family started to eat the remaining of the steamboat until 2am!! I did not join them.

The wedding was beautiful. So nice to witness a Christian wedding ceremony in the family. As usual, after the ceremony, there was a feast and that was my #2 makan.

Class started on the second week of March. Thankfully, my first class on Monday started at 12pm. The days went passed smoothly and then weekend came. A night before the wedding dinner, my uncle and aunty hosted a small celebration at their place and that marked my #3 makan.

The next morning was the yam cha session. I suck at waking up in the morning, super hate waking up early in the morning. Anyway, I made it that morning and I got my first ang pau from the newly weds! Will be getting an extra ang pau every CNY from now on til I get married! After the yam session, the aunty catered lunch so makan #4!

The sista and I booked Joey from Secret Hair and Makeup Saloon to get our hair done. She did an awesome, awesome job. I super like!

The cousin requested my help to do some reception stuff  with other two cousins, so I had to reach there earlier. The wedding dinner was so much fun. It was nice to get together with all the cousins again and we totally enjoyed #5 makan for the month of March.

My favourite photo of the night. I just got a crazy idea to do some jumping shots with our dresses. Many shots failed as sista wasn't able to jump high enough but this is the perfect one. Super love.

The third week was kinda relaxing one. I gotta wake up early on a Saturday though, for IVAQ. I had to leave the event earlier for a simple appreciation dinner, which I did not really eat. So, this makan is excluded la.

The last week of March came and my cousin-uncle (mum's cousin) wanted to belanja the family a dinner and that was my #6 and last makan of the month *phew*. We went to New Lagoon Restaurant and there were many extended family members there. Well, the food was rather just fine but my cousins and I were very fascinated about the wall of the restaurant which was filled with antique plates and bowls.

Later that night, we went to Casa de Cafe for second round. I only had a drink but had lots of fun playing Dutch Blitz!

And that sums up the month of March. 6 glorious meals in a month!! I'm glad that it is over and now I could start dieting and prepare for a nicer body shape by my Liberty Day.

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