Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Exam Fever

During the exam season, I have 101 items to blog about.. But when I'm holiday, I have 101 excuses to delay blogging..  Exam has been over for almost two week now.. As the matter of fact, a new semester is starting soon. HAHAHAHA..

Exam is always a bitch, at least to me..  Thankfully, I got family support to push me through the tough times. It is nice to wake up late in the morning, after burning midnight candle, to creative cooking served on the dining table. My mumy saw this on the internet and she tried it herself. It tasted good, except that the spaghetti  in the sausage part is kinda hard; uncooked.

Bear has been very supporting too. He never fail to sit beside me as I studied. When my little brained was pressured, I scribbled little note and passed it to him. He would reply with silly words. These may seem very little or rather ridiculous to others, but it means a million to me.

On the first morning of my exam, I woke up to this awesome breakfast. Don't I have an awesome mother!! Got heart-shape carrot some more leh.. Even though I hate carrots, I still feel the warm..

Results will be out this week. Hopefully and prayfully, I will make it. *fingers crossed*

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