Friday, May 3, 2013

My New Toy!!

I have always wanted to own an instax and the only reason why I held back was because the 'maintenance' of owning one is rather expensive. After a long, high and low search.....

Yeah! I am a happy girl when the courier uncle dropped by my house! I personally prefer a Mini 25, but Mini 8 is good enough. Cannot afford Mini 25 la, too expensive at RM400+.. I got this good deal from Streetdeal at RM 270 for the above package plus postage. It is not a very good deal as my friend got the same package for RM240 in PD shop, but it is definitely cheaper than Royal Shop Instax (an online store I was observing). They sell the package with a film skin and film sticker at RM320. That's their best price some more!

Immediately after receiving it, I quickly tried it with Bear and the film turned out good. So far, I've tried 4 times and only one taken with sista and Tony Sparks was over-exposed as I tried to use the Hi-Key mode. That is why Mini 25 is so much better as it is always on auto more and has intelligent flash mode, so no problem with over or under exposed.

I got those pretty film skin from Amelia for RM10. RIS sells them at RM15! So expensive! I actually asked Amelia to look out for me when she goes to the JB instax shop, where she gets cheap products from (RM22 only for a box of plain film) , but it turned out that she had a pack unused which she got from a Singapore website, which sells even cheaper. SGD 0.80 per pack. If the currency is X3 also only RM2.40 leh. I think I'm going to visit the shop when I go SG the next time.

My instax went for an outing with the other instaxs. HAHAHA.. Amelia wanted to go visit Sam Pattissier in Melaka Raya to enquire about cupcakes she wanted to make for her boyfriend's birthday. I actually followed because I have something to enquire too. Will blog on that later. ZiJia also followed, so since all of us have an instax we decided we should bring them out for a walk. ZJ was the one who got hers at RM240.

I brought my instax in the box. It was so bulky and space-consuming. Simply pathetic too. I went to watch Ironman 3 with sista and Bear, and I had to carry the whole box in my handbag.So, obviously I need a better carrier for it. Again, I went to look in RIS and they were selling it for RM70! The SG website is slightly cheaper but I won't be going to SG any sooner. Suddenly, light bulb!! I went hunting in taobao, a China website which sells many stuff cheaply. I was so happy to find one at RMB 50 and found a macro lens for it for RMB 25, which is sold for RM40 in RIS Immediately, I called ZJ and asked her to purchase them for me as she has connection. The total amount for the porch and macro lens came out to RM60 including transportation within China and shipping to Malaysia. Well, still worth it!


 I am very happy with my completed Instax now!


sally said...

The instax very pretty leh! Especially the cover. Love the colour :)

Janice said...

Yeah..thanks Sally.. ♡