Monday, June 24, 2013

The Highland in Melaka

.... except that the "mist" smelled badly.

The haze was around in the beginning of the week but it wasn't that bad yet. On Friday morning when I woke up for class, goodness! My room felt like an oven and it was overly smoky. Even my clothes in the closet smelled like smoke. I'm not a fan on face mask because I feel suffocated wearing it, but on that morning Mumy can't believe that I actually asked for one.

I took off my face mask when I entered the lecture hall but after half an hour or so, it was so torturing to not wear one. The whole class was smoky! It was so difficult to concentrate as our eyes were irritated.

Not going to point fingers and start blaming because I believe that everyone is selfish in a way or another. I just pray that the rain will come and hope that face mask will be out-of-trend soon.


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