Saturday, November 16, 2013

Simple and Cheap, yet Delicious Food in Melaka

When people ask me about my hobby next time, I'll just tell them I eat to past time.. HAHAHA!

Being #asianatwork, I have been to many nice, fancy cafes or restaurants which serve over-priced, well-presented meals. The first thing I would do is to pull out the camera and start clicking it. And by the time I am satisfied with the picture taken, the food would normally be cold by then. The food may or may not taste good, I will still take pictures first, have a bite and later decide whether it is worthy to be posted in. Admit it! You have been in my shoes too!

 These few weeks I've been eating a lot (as if I eat lesser on other days. Bluek!) and it suddenly strikes me that it is not necessary to go to fancy makan place and pay an expensive price for good food.. And by 'good food', I mean those that look and taste good too!! As a matter of fact, cheap food can be more delicious than those exy ones!! 

Last Saturday, Bear had to go to Masjid Tanah to get some medication for his dad. Masjid Tanah is a rural part of Melaka and it is Bear's hometown. He decided to bring me makan the best cendol there. It was really yummy! The fragrance of the gula Melaka makes me drool as I type this out. However, the stall was located outside a market and the smell was pretty horrible that I gagged. That was the only turn-off.

RM 2.50

We spotted this in one of the stalls in the market too! This is my childhood food. I remember my granny would buy this for me and I will be extremely happy when I came back from school. It is simply made of flour, sugar and water and out come this awesome snack! Yummy! I seldom see these selling in Melaka town anymore. Maybe pasar malam got sell, but I'm not to sure. If you see it, do buy one and give it a try!

RM 1.00

At night, I went for supper with the cousins in Asam Pedas, Kota Laksamana. While the boys had asam pedas baked stingray with rice, I had Roti John. It is margarine baked bread on the outside and tuna on the inside, chopped cabbages, thousand island and chilli sauce. The creator, which I presume is Mr. John, is indeed a genius! I could have the whole stick to myself but I gotta watch out the scale so I reluctantly shared it with Bear. I don't know the price for this because Bear paid for it.

On Sunday, the granny came over to teach sista how to make mua-chi. It is made of glutinous rice flour, water, peanuts and sesame seeds. The few ingredient makes it sound very easy to make right? Trust me, it is not! So many techniques and skill to make delicious ones. It was the sista's first time so it turned out tougher than it should be. Not bad though!

The sista had a long Monday last week and to lighten her blueness, she decided that she wanted to have toasted Hailam bread with butter and kaya. This is the champion of simple yet extremely yummy!

Bread - RM 3
Butter - Leftovers in the fridge
Kaya - RM 2.50

I am a huge fan of cold food. Anything cold is good! This ice-cream is called 摇摇冰 and direct translate of it would be 'Shaked Ice'. I could only find this selling in Bukit Beruang's Wednesday pasar malam. When I was staying that area last time, I had this every week! They have many flavours but my favourite are cocoa, durian, grape, lychee and orange. Super yum!

RM 1.20

Malaysia seriously has a wide range of food and many of them are cheap, especially in Melaka. That explains why Melaka is always crowded on weekends. Tourist are flooding in! So, come over if you have the time.. :)

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