Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Kangaroo's Birthday

Last weekend was quite happening. We had quite a number of events but the main highlight was the kangaroo's birthday. 

On Friday we attended our grand-uncle's birthday. I was pretty lazy to dress up so I simply pulled up a tube top and a shorts. Then I went to check out what the sista wore, I was surprise to find her in a dress! Normally, I would be the one in dress and she'll be wearing short or jeans. That night was totally opposite! HAHAHAHA! Oh, and we both had sweaters on because it was raining that night.

The reasons why I call the sista BK is because it is the abbreviation for 'Baby Kangaroo'. She seems to like it and has been using it very frequently. It was really tough for me to get her a pressie for her birthday because lucky child like her has everything that she has ever wanted. So I planned with Bear to get her a Haagen-Dazs ice-cream as a surprise when the clock striked 12am.

Yes, she did seemed like she like it very much.. SUCCESS!

I did get her some small gifts la, and I think she liked them very much too. Even I, myself kinda like them that I may buy for myself soon. 

The family went out to Amigo Steak and Grill for dinner and I had my all time favourite, Mozzarella Chicken. May cause me to gain extra kilograms but I don't eat it often ma, so it should be fine. I think Bear over-pampered her la. He felt bad for not getting her any pressie so he offered to pay for her ice-cream when I earlier thought of getting it for my from my own pocket. Then, he still felt bad because he thinks the ice-cream can't be a fancy pressie and offered to get her favourite Nadeje crepe cake. 


After cutting and distributing the cake, BK suddenly realised that we didn't take any family photo! So, here is one without the cake. I do think all of us look good here. We even had a colour code of black, white and red which was totally unintentionally. OK la, I was actually wearing pink, but it can't be seen in the photo ma so it's fine.

Once again,
Happy 19th Birthday!
I hope you had a great day! 

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