Monday, October 14, 2013

I-City in Shah Alam

Many of my friends and relative went to i-City and brought back many interesting photos. So, I told myself I need to be there at least once. On the first week of the semester break, Dady asked us to go over to KL for a stay. Since I was already in KL, I hinted that I wanted to visit i-City and Dady said, "Let's go then!" A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!

The place is rather difficult to look for with very few signboards. Thankfully, Bear signed for data packages and had Waze on which led us to our destination. I found out that besides Trick Art Museum (which I call 3D museum), there are also the Snowalk (a large freezer which give you a taste of winter), Red Carpet Museum (with wax celebrities in it) and City of Digital Lights (with lighting decorations)

We passed by Red Carpet Museum before reaching Trick Art Museum so Bear went to ask and found out that the entrance fee was RM 35 before 6pm and RM 50 after 6pm. Too expensive so we proceeded to Trick Art Museum which was RM 10 per person.

The Trick Art Museum was so much fun la. We were the only visitor there so there were no issue of being pai seh (embarrassed) and we took our time to pose. The whole family put in a lot of effort in posing alright so enjoy them! :)

Mirror image

Where is my image?!

Chilling on a plank

Who says you need your hiking gears?

Chuak simi ? Dinosaur only ma..

Give me back my money!!

Why she got tea and I don't have?!

Toying with our mobiles in the middle of the ocean


It was only 5pm when we finished touring the museum so we snacked in Old Town. Bear knew I wanted to experience winter so he brought me to Snowalk. It was RM 20 and if after 6pm, it will be RM 35.

We were in an igloo!

This little castle-looking thing is to play snow fight

More castles

Ice swan

We went for some ice-sliding.. So fun!

It was really very cold and we were there for only 30 minutes. Oh, by the way, I fell on the slippery ice while we were on the way to get our tubes for ice-tubing, which you could watch the video clip here. Bear held onto me the whole time we were there but don't know why, he walked in front of me when we went to get our tubes. I fell flat onto my butt and it kinda hurt. I called for him but he couldn't hear me so I had to slowly bring myself up. I then walked to him and told him the incident and he couldn't stop himself from laughing a little. We later told the story to my cousin ,who visited the place before us, and she said she also fell during her visit. So, oh well!

It was nearly dark so we went to the City of Digital Lights. There is no entrance fee but, the parking fee will be RM 10 straight away at the clock strike 7pm. We were shocked that our parking fee turned out to be RM 13!! However, the lights were incredible and I have no regrets waiting at all.
Money tree

It was indeed a tiring day but also the most fulfilling one. However, this kinda place I don't think I will go again. Once will be just enough.

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