Sunday, October 20, 2013

More Holiday Fun

Dady called and asked us to travel up to KL that very Thursday night so that we could go to Bukit Merah with him on the next morning. It was very rushed for us but we enjoyed it. We packed our clothes, ran some errands and waited for Bear to finish his training before travelling up at about 9pm. We met up with Dady and went back to his apartment to rest. The family had to wake up at 5am the next morning to avoid the jam. 

On our way to Bukit Merah, we stopped in Bidur to have breakfast and had the most fantastic Milo Ice! We are there because he had job assignment there. Bukit Merah has practically nothing there so I was very thankful that the house there has Wi-Fi. We did help Dady on and off with his work but most of the time, we would run off to check on Facebook/Instagram updates. 

Sunday is family day and Dady didn't need to work so he brought us to Penang which was an hour away. We actually don't have a specific place to head to so I brought the family to where I wanted to visit, Charlie Brown Cafe!!! 

Of course we had to order something and dine-in to get these photos. We had their famous hot beverages for the rainy day. Bear and I shared Kung Pao chicken rice and my sister had some pizza.

Next, we went to Batu Feringgi. It had been raining the whole day and we were thankful that it stopped a little while when we were there. The view there was so incredible!

We actually planned to travel back to KL on Monday but our Taiping friend asked us to stay back for another day so that we could visit Bukit Larut. We rode on a jeep and the ride was crazy and fun! Unless you are the kind who get dizzy easily, you should really ride on this amazing adventurous ride!! 

Oh man! The scenery there was breath-taking! So beauty that I actually lost for words. We climbed a little higher to a cafe for a cup of tea.

The only part I hated about the trip was that I had to bathe with freezing cold water the entire week. There did not have water heater there and when we got back to Dady's apartment, the water supply was cut off. We had to use the swimming pool bathroom to shower! Besides that, we had an amazing trip and family quality time. 

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