Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Celebration for Monday Blue

I haven't have Monday Blue for the longest time! What is there to be blue about when I have no classes on Mondays for the last semester?! I usually slept until the brain decides to wake up. 

The new semester has started and this semester I have classes from Monday to Friday and once again, the blue-feeling rekindled. I have the worst arrangement of classes on Mondays la and I got to tahan for 14 weeks! Classes at 10-12pm then 4-7pm is really tiring as I am practically stucked during the class gap. 

Yesterday was a Monday. Yesterday was our 46th. month together. After the morning class, Bear brought me out for lunch in Row Six. Some of the items in their menu actually tasted weird as they come from our neighbouring countries, but some are delicious. We go there a lot and usually would end up ordering the same food we had the last visit. HAHAHA! I promised myself that I will be more adventurous and try others during my next visit. 

There is this application that is going really hot currently. It cartoonise the face and make it look real! The app has a Chinese name, 魔漫相机 but somehow I couldn't find it on Google Play Store directly. My friend actually sent the link to me before I was able to download it. When I have the app, I went exploring and darn it, it was all in Chinese (and I can't read Chinese). So in the beginning, I found myself clicking on every buttons and try to figure out what it does and soon enough, I was quite good in it. The app only worked for one person and I wanted to create one of me and Bear for our day. So I picked a similarly-related cartoon template and used other photo editing app to combine both pictures. 

It looked good right?! I should be in designing school la!

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