Friday, October 11, 2013


Yes, as excited as the title, 

*happy dance*

I am one of the kind that like cooking yet dislike cooking too. HAHAHA.. I like to cook so that I could eat what I wanted to, but I tak kuasa going through all the hassle of buying groceries, preparing them, chopping, stirring over fire, frying and lastly washing used utensils. So troublesome la! Hence, simple recipes with very few ingredients and steps will always catch my attention.

One night when I was lying on my bed, not being able to sleep, I saw a video of making mashed potatoes and I immediately wanted to make it the next day! Here is the link to the video, in case anyone want to try it out.. The video only made mashed potatoes and I thought gravy make it more delicious so I went searching for videos to make gravy. I find it rather disgusting to use "fat from liquid in roasting pan" to make gravy so I simply bought the powdered instant gravy from the supermarket. All I have to do was to pour hot water and stir! So easy and tasted good too!!

For a beginner, I did feel proud of myself.. Heeee..

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